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TAD Revealed

TAD Revealed

It is well known that larger listening spaces (auditoriums, lecture halls, rehearsal rooms) need reverberation control. The typical solution is the basic fabric-wrapped fiberglass panel. While inexpensive and good for mid-tones, the high frequency absorption with these panels can be excessive when combined with other absorptive materials, people’s clothing, seats, curtains, and carpet. This leaves spaces sounding flat and lifeless. Speech intelligibility is also reduced when lower frequency reverberation dominates higher frequencies.

KINETICS® TAD (Tuned Absorber/Diffuser) Revealed offers a solution where more balanced sound absorption and high frequency diffusion are desirable. Openings in the laminate are sized and spaced to optimize absorption in low to mid frequencies while creating random reflective surfaces between openings (variable impedance). The result is a room with blended high frequencies as well as good middle tone absorption. For increased low frequency absorption, a two to four inch thick fibrous core can be specified.

TAD Revealed panels are not just for large spaces. Properly balance critical listening spaces using TAD Revealed panels in recording/mixing studios, broadcast booths and home theaters.

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