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KSP Sound Absorption Panels

Sound Absorption Panels

Extremely durable, chemical resistant, and cleanable, KSP panels reduce reverberant sound energy in the harshest environments.

Select from over 30 colors of co-polymer for your design where high levels of sound absorption and exceptional panel durability are required.

The co-polymer is reinforced with an aluminum frame and the fiberglass core is encapsulated in a heat sealed PVC black embossed bag. The panel construction makes it ideal for pool areas. The Model KSP is highly resistant to impacts and abrasion. All product components are chemical, moisture and corrosion resistant.


A perforated co-polymer panel reinforced with an aluminum frame for excellent durability and chemical resistance. Easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a cloth.


A 1/16" thick perforated co-polymer is formed on two sides over a rigid aluminum frame. A 2" thick fiberglass sound absorber is encapsulated in a heat sealed PVC bag inside the frame.

Acoustical Performance

Sound Absorption per ASTM C-423, Type A Mounting
Frequency, Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
Absorption Coefficient 0.22 0.77 1.12 1.00 0.78 0.57 0.90

Note: Stand off brackets (optional) will increase sound absorption

*Testing for the Model KNP perforated metal panel is submitted as equal to the Model KSP panel. Both utilize the same perforation pattern and sound absorber material

Fire Class Rating

Class A per ASTM E84


Sizes and Tolerances

Perforated Co-Polymer - 42-inches wide, 2-5/8-inches high

Maximum 42" wide x 120" high or 114" wide x 48" high tolerances. The Model KSP panel is built to a plus or minus 3/16-inch tolerance for length, width and squareness.

Note: The perforated co-polymer has a higher expansion/contraction rate than metal when subjected to temperature changes. Where panels are placed side-by-side, install with a 1/8" gap between edges to allow for expansion.


KSP Absorption Panel
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