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SportsBoard Elite

SportsBoard Elite

SportsBoard Elite is a great choice where exceptional durability in damage-prone areas is required in conjunction with an attractive fabric finish. Elite panels keep their great appearance after hard impacts from basketballs, volleyballs, and even baseballs!

Kinetics SportsBoard Elite is the ideal solution for reverberant noise control problems in high traffic or abuse-prone areas. These panels withstand heavy impacts without damage.

SportsBoard Elite is constructed from 6-7 PCF fiberglass board, 1/16" perforated co-polymer facing, and covered with your choice of Kinetics in-stock fabrics from Guilford of Maine or factory-approved, selected materials. Available in widths up to 48" and heights up to 120".

Perfect for application in gymnasiums, schools, recreation centers, hallways, corridors, or other areas where panels must stand up to impact and abuse.


The ultimate abuse resistance in a fabric covered co-polymer faced acoustical panel.


SportsBoard Conform featuring 6-7 PCF fiberglass core, 1/16 in. perforated co-polymer face and edges, round square edge, and fiberglass scrim

Acoustical Performance

Sound Absorption per ASTM C-423
Frequency, Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
1" Thick 0.14 0.54 0.92 0.98 0.94 0.89 0.85
2" Thick 0.26 0.69 1.12 1.11 0.99 0.97 1.00

Tested without fabric covering. See SportsBoard Conform

Fire Class Rating

Class A per ASTM E84



SportsBoard Elite
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